Pope Francis unlocks the ‘Key’ to successful marriage

On Thursday in Poland, Pope Francis revealed three words that play key roles in a successful marriage. The three words are “permission, thanks, and forgiveness” the Pontiff said. He was delivering his second “balcony talk, yesterday. The Pope revealed the key words in answer to the questions people often asks him, “how to make it […]

Meet the Man who Spends 53 years Building a Cathedral by Hand  

Justo Gallego once was a farmer and bullfighter. He then became a Trappist monk and served the monastery for eight years. But his existence was threatened by dreadful tuberculosis in 1961. He became sick and prayed to God to cure him. He prayed to God by making a condition, which he still struggles to complete. […]

Vatican declares beatification date of Albania’s nartyrs

The Catholic Church in Albania said that Vatican had declared the date for the beatification of 38 Albanian religious martyrs who were killed by the former communist regime. November 5 would be the beatification date of the martyrs. Pope Francis had officially recognized the martyrdom of Archbishop Vincens Prenushi and 37 other priests in April. […]

Nursing home fined for refusing euthanasia

A Catholic nursing home in Belgium was fined for refusing euthanasia to a lung cancer patient. The St Augustine rest home in Diest has to pay €6,000 for stopping the doctor from giving a lethal injection to Mariette Buntjens, a 74-year-old woman. The family members of Buntjens approached the court saying the nursing home caused […]

Poland’s bleeding Host receives Vatican’s approval

A Catholic Bishop in Poland said that Vatican had approved the veneration of a bleeding host as “Eucharistic miracle.” Bishop Zbigniew Kiernikowski of Legnica said that “I hope that this will serve to deepen the cult of the Eucharist and will have deep impact on the lives of people facing the Host.” The Vatican had […]

Countdown starts for the World Youth Day

Countdown begins to ignite the fire of World Youth Day in Karakow. It would be on fire with Pope Francis from the 26th to the 31st of July. Stanislaw Dziwisz, the Cardinal Archbishop of Krakow said mercy would be the heart of the celebrations. He said that this year’s celebrations were special as it is taking […]

Manchester United’s new manager

Manchester United’s new manager Jose Mourinho would give voice to the character of Pope Francis in the animated movie on Our Lady of Fatima. He would give voice to the Pope in Portuguese, English, Spanish and Italian, said the Portuguese production company Imaginew. The new flick on Our Lady of Fatima was made to mark […]

Southwark receives new auxiliary bishop

Bishop Paul Mason was appointed by Pope Francis as the new auxiliary bishop of Southwark. He was working as the hospital chaplin and pastoral director at Allen Hall seminary. Bishop Mason belonged to North Shields in Durham and had worked for IT firms Olivetti and Hewlett-Packard, before joining the seminary in 1990. Archbishop Peter Smith […]

Cardinal served as Pope John XXIII’s private secretary dies at 100

Cardinal served as Pope John XXIII’s private secretary dies at 100

Cardinal Loris Capovilla who was the private secretary to Blessed Pope John XXIII died at the age of 100. The Cardinal born in Pontelongo, Paduva was the eldest member of the College of Cardinals, who was elevated to the Cardinalate by Pope Francis in 2014. He had served as the private secretary to Cardinal Angelo […]

Polish Army to offer security for World Youth Day

Polish Army to offer security for World Youth Day

Vatican spokesperson on Thursday announced that Polish Army troops would be offering security to the upcoming World Youth Day to be held in southern Poland. The meeting would be between Pope Francis and two million youths from around the world. High security measures were being planned in the vast meadows between a road and a […]