Pak Supreme Court to hear Asia Bibi’s appeal today

The Supreme Court of Pakistan will hear today, 22th July, the appeal of Asia Bibi, a Christian native of Pakistan facing death sentence for blasphemy. Bibi was sentenced to death in 2010. Reports say that the incident occurred in June 2009, while Asia Bibi was working as a farmhand. Some co-workers asked her to fetch […]

Colonization today takes the form of ‘drugs’

The world has witnessed many forms of colonization. Many countries and their people were victimized by colonization for centuries. Philippines, once a Spanish colony, is experiencing today another form of colonization. The ‘drug’ colonization, as Pope Francis would call it. ‘When the Pontiff visited the nation in January this year he had warned the Filipinos […]

Russia turns Pro-life!

When the so called ‘God-fearing’ nations of the world are turning anti-life by permitting abortions and mercy killings, a onetime anti-Christian and anti-religious nation, Russia is reversing her attitude and is on the way to become a pro-life nation! According to the reports revealed by ‘Orthodox Today,’ a renowned Russian publication, Russian Orthodox Church and […]

Will Japan become the land of the aged in the nearest future?

If things are going this way, Japan will be soon devoid of its younger generation with no new offspring coming forth. The Japanese youth who have rampantly decided to go childless, resulting in a phenomenal fall in the birth rate of the nation, will soon see them aged with no trace of them to succeed […]

Texting Jesus’ name a crime in Pakistan!

Anti-Christian move assumes its intense form in Pakistan, a country already notorious for curtailing religious freedom. As per the latest developments, sending a text message with the name ‘Jesus’ included in it is blasphemous in Pakistan. “We cannot say in any way, shape or form that Jesus is the Son of God, not even through […]

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