Next time, WYD for Panama!

Next time, WYD for Panama!

The World Youth Day came to a great finish at Krakow as Pope Francis officially closed the great event of believing youth. The Holy Father also announced that the next WYD will be held at Panama. “I am happy to announce that the next World Youth Day – after the two that will be held […]

Pope Francis and legal clinic in California

Okland: The Diocese of Okland writes new history by providing free legal counsel and advice. It was on June 7 that Pope Francis’ Legal Clinic was opened in Okland. As the name suggests, the clinic has a connection with Pope Francis. The director and co-founder of the clinic shared the Pope’s words of mercy inspired […]

Are you interested in viewing Noah’s Ark?

The wooden model of Noah’s ark situated in a theme park in the US state of Kentucky has been unveiled to the public. The 510-foot-long ark was built by Christians who believe that the biblical story was a historical event. The ark was built based on the story of Noah explained in the book of […]

US religious freedom commission receives Jesuit priest as it’s head

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom received it’s new chairman. The news of appointment was added more sweetness with the appoint of a Catholic priest. Jesuit priest Fr. Thomas Reese was first appointed as a member of the commission in 2014 by President Barack Obama. He was again reappointed in 2016. It was for […]

“Displaced refugee number has reached it’s peak”

The Global refugee crisis was at its worst stage since World War II. A Catholic Relief Services asserted that Catholics could not change their face from the plight of their brothers and sisters. “As Catholics, we believe that we are part of one human family, and when 21 million people are refugees around the world, […]

Emma’s “little big” birthday gift

The 10-year-old Emma’s birthday gift is the current sensation in the social media. Emma from Texas received an extra ordinary gift from her mother. Emma’s mother, Courtney brought an American Girl Doll to “A Step Ahead” Prosthetics, which provide artificial legs to patients as well as dolls. The company modified the doll with a prosthetic […]

Christian organisations rejects ACLU lawyers comment

After the deadliest mass shooting in US, Orlando, attorneys with the American Civil Liberties Union pointed their finger towards Christians blaming them for the attack. But leading Christian organizations refuted the allegations. They said that though Christinas disagree with gay marriage, they promote the dignity of every human life with not considering the sexual orientation. […]

Pope prays for the victims of Orlando attack

Pope Francis was saddened by the dreadful attack on a night club in Orlando, Florida. The Holy Father expressed his sorrow through a statement released by the Holy See Press Office Director, Father Federico Lombardi SJ. The statement described the attack as the worst mass shooting in American history. The Pope joined with the families […]

A reputed scientist arrives with the proof of God’s existence

One of the world’s most reputed scientists had said that there were proofs indicating the existence of God. The Geophilosophical Association of Anthropological and Cultural Studies had stated that scientist Michio Kaku had declared, “we are in a world made by rules created by an intelligence.” Kakau had explained how science points to the existence […]