Be the lord, not slave to work, says Pope Francis

Be the lord, not slave to work, says Pope Francis

Pope_Francis_1_at_the_Wednesday_General_Audience_in_St_Peters_Square_on_May_20_2015_Credit_Daniel_Iba_n_ez_CNA_5_20_15Pope Francis exhorted the faithful not to be a slave to work, but be like God, who is the Lord of work. Even God rested after six days of work. He said we need to resemble God, in whose image and likeness we are created and need to check our obsession with work.

“God asks us to break away from the obsession of economic profit, which attacks our rhythms of life. It denies mankind the time to focus on what’s really important” the Pope added. He was speaking on the importance of leading a balanced life.

The Holy Father also said that we need to dedicate time to celebration, work and prayer, which are essentials to appreciate a healthy family life. These three elements will be one of the central themes of the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia.

The Pope said that families should enjoy quality time together as a unit, and that includes making time for Sunday Mass. Enjoying one’s personal and professional accomplishments, he added, should be celebrated and not discouraged, he added.