Avoid costly marriage, urges an Organisation in UK

Avoid costly marriage, urges an Organisation in UK

Wedding_Credit_Jay_Zhang_via_Flickr_CC_BY_NC_SA_20_CNA_4_13_15The Marriage Foundation in the United Kingdom urged couples to be less extravagant in their wedding celebrations. Their comments came keeping in mind the good of the wedded couples relationships as many were not ready to marry keeping in mind the cost a marriage could cause.

“We ran a survey early this year with a law firm that looked at reasons for not marrying, and the top reason for men was the cost of the wedding,” said Harry Benson, an official with the U.K. based think tank of The Marriage Foundation. According to wedding magazines in UK, the average price for a function would be around $30,000. This would be a barrier for anyone getting ready to marry.

One reason indicated by the Marriage Foundation was the trend created by the celebrities. They “set the bar very, very high with all these hyped-up, high profile, highly photographed weddings, very extravagant events.”

Student loan debt was another reason indicated by Benson. Student loan debt in 2012 was an average of nearly $25,000, which was 70% greater than in 2004.

The increase in cohabitation also led to delayed marriages. “The fundamental issue is that we’ve normalized cohabitation, which is much more unstable than marriage.”

The Marriage Foundation was created by British judge Paul Coleridge, an expert in family law. He had seen the breaking up of many families. Thus in order to promote strong marriages, the foundation was laid. It works with the mission of educating couples about the benefits of getting married and having children. They focus on promoting a moderate wedding reception too.