Ireland has a new bishop: Fintan Monahan!

Ireland has got a new bishop. Pope Francis appointed Fintan Monahan as the new Bishop of Killaloe. The new bishop is 49 years old and he has been serving as Diocesan Secretary in the Archdiocese of Tuam, when the appointment came. Born on 23 January 1967, Fintan Monahan was ordained a priest on on 16 […]

Jesus is in ‘them!’ Pope says about innocent sufferers

Jesus is in ‘them!’ Pope says about innocent sufferers

It is one of the toughest questions to answer. “Where is God, if evil is present in our world, if there are men and women who are hungry and thirsty, homeless, exiles and refugees?” The Holy Father, during the Way of the Cross at World Youth Day which took place in Blonia Park in Krakow, […]

What did Pope Francis write in the guest book at Auschwitz?

He did not give a speech, but prayed in silence. At Auschwitz concentration camp, Pope Francis looked grim and pensive. He wrote down in the guest book: “Lord have mercy on your people! Lord, forgiveness for so much cruelty!” Over a million people have lost their lives at the Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps during […]

“The ‘little ones’ speak for God” says Pope Francis

Speaking at the shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa, at the occasion of 1050 anniversary of Poland becoming a Christian nation, Pope Francis said that “those who embrace their own littleness become the “spokespersons” of God.” “To be attracted by power, by grandeur, by appearances, is tragically human. But to give oneself to others, eliminating […]

Pope Francis unlocks the ‘Key’ to successful marriage

On Thursday in Poland, Pope Francis revealed three words that play key roles in a successful marriage. The three words are “permission, thanks, and forgiveness” the Pontiff said. He was delivering his second “balcony talk, yesterday. The Pope revealed the key words in answer to the questions people often asks him, “how to make it […]

Pope Francis writes preface to book on Mother Teresa

Based on two speeches delivered by Mother Teresa during her meeting with young people and with religious sisters in Milan in 1973, a new book is going to be released. Pope Francis has written the preface for Mother Teresa’s new book titled, “let us love those who are unloved.” In the preface the Holy Father […]

Iraqi youth gear up to express their faith at World Youth Day

Amidst the ongoing violence in Iraq, a large group of Iraqi youth has registered for the World Youth Day in Poland. “I want everyone to see a witness of faith, of suffering faith, and the faith of our group,” said Fr. Rayan Atto, who is in charge of coordinating the large group of Iraqi youth […]

Pope Francis unites young deaf couple in marriage

Vatican City: In his residence at Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis united a young Italian deaf couple. Teodoro Pisciottani and Paulina received the rare and golden opportunity to be united by the grace of the Holy Father. Both Teodoro and Paulina serve as the president and vice-president of the Padua chapter of the Deaf Youth […]

Pope Francis and legal clinic in California

Okland: The Diocese of Okland writes new history by providing free legal counsel and advice. It was on June 7 that Pope Francis’ Legal Clinic was opened in Okland. As the name suggests, the clinic has a connection with Pope Francis. The director and co-founder of the clinic shared the Pope’s words of mercy inspired […]

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