When sainthood becomes a family affair

The daughter is the most renowned, one of the most loved saints of the Church. She is none other than St. Therese of Lisieux, lovingly called St. Little Flower. She is not just a saint, but a doctor of the Church. Now her parents Louis Martin and Celie Guerin are on the royal road to […]

Letters that heal: a review on the film ‘Letters to Father Jacob”

We live in a time of emails and text messages, and hence not easy to understand the forgone days when one waited for the post man to deliver letters. But, to understand the spirit of the finnish film ‘Letters to Father Jacob’, what one needs is only a sensitive heart. This cute little masterpeice, directed […]

Texting Jesus’ name a crime in Pakistan!

Anti-Christian move assumes its intense form in Pakistan, a country already notorious for curtailing religious freedom. As per the latest developments, sending a text message with the name ‘Jesus’ included in it is blasphemous in Pakistan. “We cannot say in any way, shape or form that Jesus is the Son of God, not even through […]

Father Panakkal Sets Fire on Dover Sea…

It is as if St. Augustine himself has arrived in the island of Thanet! “The blind are seeing. The deaf are hearing and the lame are leaping with joy”. Don’t think I am playing rhetoric. This happens in this end of England, the same miracles once God worked in Kerala years ago in Divine-Potta services […]

Coptic Church promises support to the military fighting evil powers

Cairo: In the official statement issue, Coptic Orthodox Church leaders said that Egyptian military forces fighting the jihadist group have all moral support and prayers to route the evil powers. The Jihadist group had carried out a series of attacks in North Sinai at eighteen army posts yesterday. Dozens of soldiers were killed in co-ordinated […]

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