America can’t wait anymore!

635647757819090073-FRANCISPope’s visit to the United States has been hot news ever since it was announced. Almost every day, something related turns up. Expectations are literally mounting as the day approaches. Some hopes that the Pope’s words will provide a shot in the arm of their work on public policy issues.

Migration issue is one thing that everyone expect Pope Francis to speak on. “I hope that he will talk about the dignity of those who are seeking a better life”, said Jenne Atkinson, executive director of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network.

Both Catholics and non-Catholics are eager to hear what the Pope has to say. “I think he clearly speaks from a position of moral authority – but without an agenda, in a sense. His agenda is the church’s agenda. I think people will listen”, adds Jenne Atkinson. Opponents of death penalty also hope that Pope will mention their cause too.

During the five day visit, Pope is supposed to give homilies at Masses in Washington, New York and Philadelphia. He will address the World Meeting of Families, the United Nations General Assembly, and be the first pontiff to address a joint meeting of Congress. Pope Francis will also meet with President Barack Obama..