A leukemia patient receives Pope’s message

RNS-POPE-IMMIGRANTSLisandro Zeno could not believe it! A leukamia patient awaiting a bone marrow transplant, he was in deep misery when he received consoling message from Pope Francis which read: “Lichu, I was told about your illness, I pray to Jesus to give you strength and that he return health to you. Allow yourself to be led by God’s hand. I also ask you to pray for me. I bless you with all my heart, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit”.


Zeno was moved to tears by the deep compassion resounding in the words of the Holy Father. He feels the hands of God with him and safeguarding him as he is preparing for the bone marrow transplant in the coming weeks. He has found a compatible donor in Brazil.