A book of Healing for the divorced

A book of Healing for the divorced

divorced bookShe has been living bearing the wounds of divorce for the past 30 years. She was moving forward thinking that she has done a grievous mistake and thus abstained from receiving the Holy Communion.

This is not an isolated incident. Those living with the pain of separation think that they are abandoned from the church. Combining the incidents of various divorced, David Dziena along with Woodeene Koenig-Bricker penned a book titled “Catholic Prayer Book for the Separated and Divorced”. The book involves the views of Church on divorce.

The authors hope that their book will be a console for those living with the painful memories of separation. The book also incorporates the experience of saints such as St. Rita, St. Helena and St. Eugene who have also undergone through similar experience of divorced or difficult relationships.

“There are many misconceptions of the status of divorced people within the Church,” Koenig-Bricker said. “More than that, divorced people don’t have a resource that allows them to pour out their hearts or pray about the situation they find themselves in because we have approached divorce from the status of a sin – which itself is not a sin – it is a tragedy,” she continued.

Both the authors expect that their books will be of relevance in the current scenario and they hope that the upcoming synod on family will discuss the issues concerning the particular topic.


N. Merin.